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Friday, October 26, 2007

Making a back up copy of OSX Leopard install disk on a SL-DVD

I got OSX Leopard tonight and I want to make a back up copy.... but there are a lot of weird things going on in the partitioning of the disk.... Not to mention it's more than 7GB. Of course, you know, a ton of that are language packs and such that you know that you are never going to use so let's shrink it down..... After searching google and experimenting with my own knowledge I've come up with this process.

Overview: Basically you just need to be able to edit what is on the CD. Of course, CD's are not read/write and if you create an ISO, it most likely will only mount read only. What we're going to do is create an brand new image that is read/write and then we'll dump what's on the entire DVD onto that image. Once we're in that position, we can delete things we don't need on the install CD. Once we have it the way we want it, we'll create another image for a 4.7GB DVD and copy it over to that.... then we can do what we want.

  1. Insert the OSX Leopard DVD
  2. Open Disk Utility
  3. Create "New Image"
    • Name can be anything
    • It's easiest to save on your desktop
    • Size: 8.0GB (Dual Layer)
    • Encryption: None
    • Format: Spare Disk Image

  4. Click the image you just created and then click the "restore" tab for that.
    Drag the "Mac OSX Install DVD" image into the source and then drag the image you just created into the destination field.
  5. Click Restore
  6. Go grab a soda . . . Take a Nap . . .
  7. Create an "Extras" folder (or whatever you want to name it) on your desktop. We will use this to dump things to that we don't need on the first install procedure.
  8. In Finder, go to to "Go To Folder" option under the "Go" menu and type in "/Volumes/[image name]/System" and click go. (Of course, replace image name with whatever you named your 8.0GB image above)
  9. Go into the Installation folder and then into packages and delete what you don't need and move what you may need later but not immediately (Language packs, printer drivers, etc can safely be deleted or moved to your extras).
  10. Drag the "Optional Installs" folder from the top of the CD tree into the extras folder you created above and delete from your image (we'll dump this to another DVD later, if desired)
  11. Empty your trash and then "Get Info" for your mounted image. If it's less than 4.5GB or so, continue... if not, go back and delete/move some more.
  12. Create 2 new images with the same settings as at the beginning of this how-to except both of these should be 4.7GB Single Layer DVD size (leopard-disc1 and leopard-disc2 would be good names for these). If you are an advanced user, you can create the size as custom and fill in variables that would hold the specific data that you have created - this would create smaller image files for archival purposes.
  13. Drag anything you dumped in to the extras folder into the disc2 mount in finder
  14. Click on your disc1 image in disk utility and click the restore tab.
  15. Repeat the same thing as we did above except your source is the image that we just deleted the extras off of and the destination is your disc1 image.
  16. Take another nap . . . You'll be well reseted for the install :)
  17. You can now burn directly from those 2 images.

Theoretically, If you want an ISO image, you can get DMGConverter ( and use that to convert your sparseimage files to DVD/CD Master files and then simply rename those with an ISO extension.

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Blogger nottoohairy said...

Hey great tutorial. Thanks!

22/1/08 2:28 AM  
Blogger Mundo Novo said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

13/2/08 2:51 PM  
Blogger Maine Families for Equality said...

I can't seem to get it smaller than 4.8 gb. Any suggestions as to what else to delete?

18/2/08 11:13 AM  
Blogger Maine Families for Equality said...

i deleted the instructions folder and a bunch of other packages but I still can't get it below 4.8

18/2/08 11:14 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I prepared the disk files as instructed. When I came to burn disk 1 - I copied the files onto the DVD image and clicked "burn". I got this error message:

Burning the disk failed because one or more items in "Leopard Installer 1" could not be read.

"/Volumes/Leopard Disk 1/private/etc/master.passwd" cannot be read.

15/8/08 12:26 PM  
Blogger bllsht frm bllshtrs said...

your a genious! thanks man, i got it down to 4.3 =)

2/10/08 4:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i followed your tutorial. except when I do the final step which is to restore, i get the message 'could not validate sizes - operation not permitted'. Could you please help me? I've tried searching this on google but hardly any result could help this problem. What does the error message mean? I followed exactly what you've said. I'm doing this on a leopard already. I'm making a backup. Thanks.

6/10/08 12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm the same as Anonymous above, I receive the same error, and I've tried it both ways, here, and this guy's:

I can't find a solution for it. It seems to work if you alter the size of the second new image file to 8GB instead of the 4.7Gb, but that defeats the purpose now, doesn't it?

We need answers!

15/10/08 8:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The image file you made is 4.7 Gb but you are only able to put 4.3 Gb in it. If you bring down the size of the installation Disc till under 4.3 Gb it doesn't show the message anymore.

3/12/08 4:49 PM  
Blogger Raised Fist, The First said...

i just got a image of leopard os x with windows,its about 8 GB, How can I burn it onto two 4.7 GB dvd?

22/12/08 10:43 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I tried this tutorial just now, but I'm having problems getting the discs to boot. I managed to shrink the discs down to ~4.4gb each and burn them, but my PPC Mini and MacBook refuse to boot them. Am I missing something?

25/12/08 3:47 PM  
Blogger Dr. C. David White said...

Thanks for the help on the "Apple" forum. My username is "openarms."

It was greatly appreciated. By the way, I'm a Christian too and believe that we should never leave a person in worst condition than we found them. (Reference against the attack version of sharing the gospel)

23/2/09 8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same here, won't boot, which makes it useless except for upgrades.

I know for copying a bootable disc you select the DRIVE and not the image/disc IN the drive, but I selected the drive or image for all my operations and still got a non-booting disc...

29/3/09 6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see no need to whittle down the copy I just use DVD-R-DL disks and can make an exact copy.

14/4/09 11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you very very much!!

27/5/09 10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comment about reducing the size to 4.3 GB was very helpful for me; thanks! When deleting packages choose all the printer drivers and fonts except AdditionalFonts.pkg and AsianLanguagesSupport.pkg

12/2/12 9:01 PM  

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