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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Installing XEN on Ubuntu 7.10 (amd64)

After finding how-to upon how-to that said to use "apt-get install ubuntu-xen-server" and repeatedly banging my head against the wall because it kept telling me the package wasnt found, I finally found the Xen page at the Ubuntu Community site that explained the situation. Apparently, there is no such package for amd64 kernels and you need to specify each needed package. Thankfully, they list the command you need over there:

(you do need to uncomment the universe repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list)

sudo aptitude install linux-image-xen bridge-utils libxen3.1 python-xen-3.1 xen-docs-3.1 xen-hypervisor-3.1 xen-ioemu-3.1 xen-tools xen-utils-3.1

Once you run that command, reboot the machine (may not be needed but won't hurt)

Now you'll need to edit /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp and uncomment the line (network-script network-bridge) and then comment (network-script network-dummy).

They also recommend adding "max_loop=64" to the end of the "loop" line in /etc/modules but this may not be needed for all people -- again, it won't hurt.

Now just reboot and it should all work.

NOTE: If your using i386, "apt-get install ubuntu-xen-server" should work for you. It's also possible that by the time you are reading this, the same command will work for amd64 but as of this post, it does not

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two points. There is a package now. I used it two weeks ago, but I cannot speak to whether it was there in November when you made this post. It is called ubuntu-xen-desktop-amd64
Secondly, don't try to install this package if you are using the binary nvidia drivers. They are not compatable and will make your system unbootable. The binary nvidia drivers don't have some of the kernel hooks that the xen kernel adds. I don't know enough to say more, but my system has been working well since I reverted to the open source nvidia drivers.

30/12/07 1:58 AM  
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