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Saturday, August 09, 2008

OSX is refusing to eject a CD

I had an ordeal tonight..... I needed to burn an ISO to a blank CD so I put a, what I assumed was blank, CD in my MacBook and Toast informed me that it was not writable. What was it? Some Windows CD, I guess. The problem was my machine refused to eject it. I clicked the eject button multiple times (both on the keyboard and in finder) and it just wouldn't do anything. I figured if I did a reboot of the machine I could eject it when it came back up -- wrong. Whatever was going on on this CD was confusing the hell out of OSX. After the reboot finder never loaded for me and half of my typical start up applications got stuck during boot up. I happened to have Disk Utility in my dock so I tried to open that and, again, no luck.

First thing to try (did not work for me):
  • Put the computer into sleep mode
  • Press the eject button on the keyboard

Second thing to try (this worked for me):
  • Power down your mac
  • Hold the mouse button (or trackpad button) down
  • While holding the button press the power button
  • After 30-120 seconds your mac should eject the CD
  • Let got of the mouse button and the machine should boot the OS

I will now list the three biggest wishes I have for Mac computers and despite how small and petty they seem they make a night and day difference to me (Please, Steve Jobs, take note):
  1. CD-Rom eject button and/or emergency pin hole
  2. Hard drive activity light
  3. Network (NIC) lights for activity and link

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